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I've had a Dog Guard system for 7 years and it has always worked great. I have 2 Golden Retrievers who are very active and Mr. Webster was able to install the Dog Guard system such that my dogs have a large steep downhill area behind my house to run and play in. I originally had let my dogs come in my front yard which was ruining my grass, they were jumping on guests, etc. I called Mr. Webster and they were able to quickly come and for a reasonable price modify my layout to keep my dogs out of the front yard. Another time my unit was struck by lightning and I had the surge protector on it. Mr. Webster repaired or replaced the unit for me in accordance with the warranty at no cost. Mr. Webster has always been very responsive and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend Dog Guard!

Brian WickershamBirmingham

Dog Guard is the best solution for fencing problems for your dog. We have had our Dog Guard fence for almost 4 years and we love it. It gives our dogs freedom that conventional fencing would not have given them.


Dog Guard system is the best system I have used. Over the last 12 years I have tried several different types of invisible fences as well as chain and wood fences. Dog Guard system is absolutely the best. The owners are more than hands on and are there any time you need their assistance or have a simple question.I have two dogs. One is very old and going blind. He has adapted beautifully and the fence has given him a new sense of freedom. He relies on his hearing due to his eye sight... the collar beeps when he approaches the fence boundary and that lets him know to turn back. Thank you Dog Guard!!!!!!!

AmyRainbow City

I have had Dog Guard for about 15 years and it is absolutely wonderful! I have 5 dogs and feel at ease when I have to leave my home, because I know my dogs will be in the yard when I return. David and Beth Webster have been very helpful when I have needed them. They have even been known to work in the very hot sun, as well as the rain. They do not leave until the problem is completely resolved. I would not have anything but the best for my dogs and I know that Dog Guard is just that-top of the line protection for your dog.I would recommend Dog Guard to anyone!

Carol CooleyGadsden

Mr. Webster, I would like to take a minute to tell you all how happy we have been with our Dog Guard fence. We have had our fence for almost ten years and it is so nice to be able to turn our dogs out and know they are secure in our yard. We decided on an electronic fence when we moved here because our dog had escaped from our chain length fence many times and knew putting up a chain length fence probably would not hold her. We researched and decided to go with Dog Guard. We have been very satisfied with the result of our Dog Guard fence and the ease of training our dogs and how it has kept them contained.

I would also like to brag on you Mr. Webster. When I inquired about my almost 10 year old collar and asked how much it would be to replace it you told me the cost but you also told me the option of sending it in and Dog Guard refurbishing it. In today's world that is a very odd thing that you would give me the option to have it refurbished and not just to tell me how much a new one is so that you could sell one. It is so nice that a representative of Dog Guard would be so honest and that the company stands by there product even after 10 years. I really appreciate that and want people to know.

Thank you for always being available to help when we have needed it.

Dianne HarwellHomewood

Best money I ever spent!


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