System Pricing

T-4 Installation Package
  • One T-4 Transmitter with multiple levels of correction with lifetime warranty.
  • One Dog Guard Waterproof Receiver with collar sizes to fit dogs from 3 lbs - 200 lbs with limited lifetime warranty.
  • One Combination Lightning/Electrical Surge Protector with lifetime warranty.
  • Complete, professional installation of up to 500 linear ft of super-strong, solid-core, 14 guage boundary wire.
  • One driveway/sidewalk crossing.
  • Boundary training flags.
  • Initial Training Session with pet(s) and owner.

Additional Receiver Collars for additionl pets @ $250.00 per receiver.

Additional Boundary Wire completely installed @ $0.50 cents per foot.

Additional Driveway/Hard Surface Crossing installed @ $1.00 per foot.

Indoor/Room Transmitters to keep pets off of furniture or out of certain rooms @ $89.00 each.

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