Batteries & Battery Plans

Change Your Batteries Every 3 Months

Dog Guard recommends, to ensure your pet's safety, changing your batteries every 3 months. Also, for safety, we suggest that you use only Dog Guard batteries because of the way they are designed and manufactured specifically for the Dog Guard System Receivers. When changing your batteries, be sure the "+" side is facing up!

Battery Replacement Schedule

We send out email reminders every 3 months to help you remember when to change out the batteries in your dog(s) receiver(s). We also have reminder cards we give customers to place somewhere in their home. If you are not receiving regular reminder emails or would like a reminder card, pleae contact us and let us know.

Bulk Battery Pricing

You can get our bulk pricing when you purchase 4 batteries (1 yr. supply for 1 receiver) or more. Bulk price for Dog Guard batteries is $10 each.

Single Battery Pricing

If you just need a single battery or two, we will ship or deliver them to you for $12 each.

Purchasing Options

You can purchase batteries by calling (205) 444-3644. Or you can visit our online store and purchase with your debit or credit card.


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